Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Angel

Things had been going slow at the Farm
The Farmers state og mind
were somewhere between misery and dispear
God was watching this from above
and he wept

He cried so much
that many places flooded
destruction was everywhere

After days of weeping and sobbing he started to think clearer
and the sun began to shine
and he send an Angel to the humans
The Angel went to the Farm
and he spoke to the Farmer

"I want your cd Now"
and the Farmer said
"Not possible"
and the Angel said
and the farmer said
and the Angel said
"I can turn water into gold"
and the Farmer said
"Is that so?"
The Angel didnt say much more
he just did and walked away
and the Farmer started to believe
and God watched it all
and thought it was good

The great thing about this fine tale is, that it is the truth
and the CD and the EP will now finally come out.
It will be available around April.

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