Monday, October 17, 2011

Dont tell me about the miracles of life or the power of love

I want black stars
and no sun and no moon
and tell the birds
to shut up
just shut the fuck up
cancel spring
bomb summer
let the seas dry out

Heart and soul
fucked and

Jesper Lehmkuhl

Closing time

I have to kill
myself at least once
every day
it can be drugs
television, alcohol
all 3 together
works very well
numb dumb and blind

Like a tree
losing it's autumn
to protect itself
against the long and cold winter
and of course
it is not really dead
it just seems so
adjusting to the sad circumstances
waiting for better times

The dull stupidity
of it all
simply forces me
to seek shelter
behind my eyes
where no man
will ever go
out of reach
for better times

J. Lehmkuhl

Idiots in the rain

We are all
idiots in the rain
and the sun won't shine

And if it does
it shines on Somalia
in a way that everything dries out
burns the leaves, dust and people

We are all idiots
and the rain
keeps falling

In Norway
they are counting the bodies
of the dead children
and the rain falls

A lonesome psycho on the loose
or the fruit of decades of rightwing
hate speech?

We sit around and wonder
but every disaster
we create ourselves
while the rain
keeps falling

Little farts in history
and if not ideology kills us
time will

There is a heavy rain
over Copenhagen
and for one day
Miss Denmark is silent
not a single hateful word
from her mouth about the muslim plague

Beware of people
they are idiots
and beware of the ones
that claims to know
what to do

Beware of religion
beware of ideology
beware of the human race

Let it rain
let it rain down
on the idiot
and his fellow men
wash away mankind
let it drown
in silence

What a beautiful silence
it would be